Dino Clash: Tribal War New Update Features a new Dinosaur

Jay Kakade
Dino Clash: Tribal War
Image Via Neowiz

Neowiz, the developer behind recent multi-platform hit Dino Clash, announces today that the first update to the game is available on the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace.

The update introduces a new dinosaur, called the Pterosaur.

The first update to Dino Clash adds a new dinosaur and soldier

The new content update with a versatile new dinosaur will surely add a thrill and enjoyment in the heart of millions of fans of Dino Clash.
The new content update:

  • The Brachiosaurus is a behemoth of a dinosaur, with a huge, powerful body and legs that could flatten any predator unlucky enough to stand in its way.
  • The White Mage is a Jounin-level spell caster with skills that electrify enemies, or paralyze foes for a brief period of time.
  • In missions in both the Expedition and Volcano modes, players will be able to roam farther and deeper than ever before.

Neowiz is celebrating the launch of the new Wilderness Patch by giving a free 1,000-Gem coupon to all players who log in before June 30th. To redeem the coupon, just log in to the game anytime during the promotional period.

Neowiz Thanks Supporters

Neowiz Entertainment, the company behind Dino Clash, thanks fans for their continued interest in the game.

Dino Clash has garnered positive reviews since its release, with thousands of ratings left on both Google Play and the App Store.


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