Global City: Build and Harvest - A New Highway Event

Jay Kakade
Global City: Build and Harvest - A New Highway Event
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Global City is a city building video game in which you can do everything ranging from house building to mining. Houses, shopping malls and roads are designed in a very magnificent way.

In this game, the city Mayor can mine various types of fossil fuels, utilising them in specific work either for power generation or production as well.

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Here the Mayor can even set up a processing power plant and also sell ready-made items. Trade will be benefited. Ships can also be sent to import raw materials or resources. Cities can even manufacture cars.

Items, resources and various commodities can be earned by completing tasks and orders. These orders will give a little start to international business.

It doesn't only stop here, players can even chat with their friends and have trade with each other as well. Mayor will collect tax and increase population to increase revenue.

Global City New Event

A New Highway Event

According to the game, the new highway project is being introduced. This project will build complex constructions and reduce traffic jams.

Reduction in traffic jams will enable the local residents and the tourists as well to reach their respective destinations on time.

The New Highway Project will make it easy to reach the desired locations, especially to the eastern mountains much more easily.

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