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About Space Explorists

Space Explorists is independent news source that tries to cover each bulletins in the field of Science and Technology. Space Explorists is all about the exploration ranging from a atom to new huge galaxies discovered till date. It not only stops here, We try to cover each and every news headline that concerns us or our green planet.

Science is a field that has potential to answer enigmatic questions. Therefore, Evolution of humans and other species is also our coverage.
Space news can state how our galaxies and Universe is formed.
Environmental and Health is more about the issues. Like, climate hange, ozone depletion, COVID, ancient Parasites and many more.

It includes categories of Science, Space, Health and Environment. Details of categories are explained below.


  • Space: Category of Space is all about Space Exploration, Mysteries and Stuff of interstellar verse, Space News and Mystic Galaxies.

  • Science: Space Explorists tries to keep you updated with latest headlines related to Science, Scientific Discoveries and Knowledge in some expertise field.

  • Health: Don't get confused, Health category is not about food or exercises. It is about the medical innovations like stuff.

  • Environment: Category of Environment is about the changes taking taking place on our mother earth, Issues and Solutions over it.

  • Space Explorists is not limited to just that. Here we try to cover each news that concerns us.

Space Explorists is an initiative started by Jay Kakade in 2021, with aim of laying down a platform where people can freely browse through, free of cost. As stated, Space Explorists is independent news source so there is zero penetration by any third party. Opinions given are all based on critical analysis of a topic.
Space Explorists will always be with readers and never exploit their interest. If you have any query, suggestion, feedback or a topic in your mind regarding us, contact us at jkakade1240 at gmail.com or contact us directly.

Readers satisfaction is our Outmost Priority.

About Jay Kakade

Jay Kakade
Jay Kakade
Founder & Publisher

Jay Kakade is Founder and Publisher at Space Explorists and SciSuggest. A publisher with background of science. He is well acquainted with article in field of Science and Space but also covers headlines in Health and Environment.
Jay likes analyse topic in holistic way and bring up in more simple manner. He currently writes for Space Explorists and SciSuggest on Science, Environment and Space. It is the Jay who came up with Idea of starting a free science news website.

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